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Anthony Pietromonaco is a Los Angeles based director with a passion for imagination.  He grew up in a small town outside of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania before moving to Los Angeles to pursue the dream.  He has since worked in nearly every aspect of production as a writer, grip, DP, editor and visual effects artist, ultimately he finding his place as a director.  


Anthony first gained notoriety for creating realistic adaptations of popular video game franchises, and quickly moved onto commercial production where he has since directed spots for some of the biggest brands in the world.  His work carries a signature style that mixes dynamic composition, visual and special effects with grounded, honest storytelling.  


His work ethic and practical sense of production have been critical in the development of a vast network of vendors and professionals in Los Angeles and New York.  


When he’s not making films Anthony is also an experienced martial artist, with 2 black belts and over 18 years spent training in various disciplines.  

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